The Big Night - Reunion Party!

Saturday Evening, June 23, 2001
The reunion Party was a grand success. Everyone gives all the thanks to a great Committee that did a supurb job! The first set of pictures are of the registration, ordering pictures, and the wondeful MC Job that Pat Cone did, as well as Mike Bowman's asking for help with the scholarship fund!

Sign In: Committee Members: Nancy (Foster) Singleton, Barb Langdon, Rosella (Hill) Fyffe. Also Ron Arnold in background
Ordering Pictures
Taking Picture Orders: More of the committee: Barb (Yarbrough) Slessinger and Carol (Williams) Riffey talking with Linda (Peek) Croker

Pat (Cone ) Wuertz and Carolyn (Cooper) Hardy. Two more of the hard working committee. Great Work! to all of the committee.

Mike Bowman makes a short talk and a plea for all to help support the scholarship fund.

The next set of pictures was taken as the photographer tried to get this classy bunch to line up for class pictures. I managed to get a number of shots, and several were stripped from the Video I took also.

Sitting in front (LtoR) Joyce (Purcell) Bullington, Jim Martin, Gwen (Corn ) Morton.   Row #1: (LtoR) Barb (Langdon) Smith, Donna (Russell) Fancher, Joan Kennedy, Anita (Kindred) Chickedantz, Sue Ann Riester, Pat (Shields) Thompson, Brenda (Bateman) Bennington, Connie (Cassell) Akins, Pat ( Cone) Wuertz, Joan( O'Brian)Field, Carol ( Williams) Riffey, Mary E. (Wilson) Stettner, Carol (Dewey) Ballard, Peggy (Dillon) McDuffee, Sally (Foster) Harris, Carlene (Spalding) Jones, Judy (Grier) Copple.   Row#2: (LtoR) Rosella (Hill) Fyffe, Carolyn (Shafer) McCabe, Betsy (Todd) Williams, Donna (Eagle) Potter, Rita (Cox) Metheny, Patsy(Russell)Nichaus, Paula (Dillon) Blessinger, Sharon (Schaller) Brown, Nancy ( Foster) Singleton, Carolyn (Cooper) Hardy, Barb (Yarbrough) Slessinger, Linda (Peek) Croker, Susan (Wilbanks) Harner.    Row#3: (LtoR) Dennis Rude, Fred Fyffe, Gerry Cornelious, Phil Hopewell, Mike Loyd, Fred Warner, Bill Joyce, Larry Miller, Bernard Harner, Roger Chickedantz, Robert Arthur, Tom Gress, James Moore, Quinn Gaither. Back Row: (LtoR) Roy Myers, Steve Day, Larry Kirchner, Danny Brown, Ron Arnold, Dale Arvin, Larry Jones, Tom Latham, John Wuepper Don Horton, Jon Clark, George Peel, Mike Bowman

Close Ups of Parts as they "Try" to get lined up.

Close Ups of Parts as they "Try" to get lined up.

Close Ups of Parts as they "Try" to get lined up.

Close Ups of Parts as they "Try" to get lined up.

Close Ups of Parts as they "Try" to get lined up.

Close Ups of Parts as they "Try" to get lined up.

The next set of pictures consist of people. Groups chatting, renewing old friendships, and once the food was served, eating, and with the DJ music even a little dancing. But like most classes, getting only a few up to start the dancing was hard..But the night was fun for all.

Pat ( Cone) Wuertz, Pat (Shields ) Anita( Kindred) Chickedantz left... background Carolyn ( Shafer ) McCabe's husband Larry

Patty (Palmer) Joyce and husband Bill Joyce

front table (LtoR) Barb (Langdon) Smith , Bob Smith, other side Kenny Hardy, Carolyn (Cooper) Hardy, Pat ( Cone) Wuertz

Donna (Eagle) Potter, Nancy (Foster) Singleton 

(LtoR) Gordon Potter, Donna (Eagle)Potter, Mona (Bateman) Rogers, Brenda (Bateman) Bennington, in background Nancy (Foster) Singleton's husband talking with Don Horton

(LtoR) Betsy ( Todd) Williams, Patsy (Russell ) Nichaus, Donna ( Eagle) Potter, Rita (Cox) Metheny and Mona (Bateman) Rogers

Alen Stroud and Rita (Cox) Metheny talking

Looks like Denny Rude is getting ready to dance the 'Stroll" with someone. I see Betsy, Larry, Brenda , Mona , Carolyn, Barb, it must be Linda that Denny was strolling with.. Betsy, I know Bummy was in their somewhere. Carolyn, you and Larry have sure not lost it. Good dancing by all.

Mike Loyd and on right Bill Copple dancing with their ladies.

Sue Ann Riester and Rita (Cox) Metheny

NOTE: All of the pictures here were taken by my husband Dave Metheny. Some with the digital camera, other were stripped out of the Video. (With assistance from our son David, who has great Video equipment!) Putting together these pages was Dave's doing's. He does the hard work. I do the fun part. Although what he does is fun for him, I am no match for what he can do on a computer. We both enjoyed doing it. What pictures went in, which went where, what captions to add, and most of the comments are mine! We both enjoyed EVERY minute of the Reunion! (Another Note: If anyone has more pictures, and can scan them or want to send them to me or Dave. We will post another page or two with those pictures too!) Thank you all, for sharing with us some memories.
Rita (Cox) Metheny and Dave Metheny

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