The Night Before - Carol (Williams) Riffey's Party!

Friday Evening, June 22nd, 2001
The Guests began arriving about 7pm, and as the night grew on, the crowd swelled to about 40 or more. There were many faces of astonishment, hugs, ladies jumping with glee seeing old classmates. Several old yearbooks came out to make sure just "who was who".. It was a fun time, and was quite evidenced by the steady roar of constant chatter, flashes flashing, video's videoing, people laughing and consuming two tables full of food and dozens of One liter Cokes, 7-Up, Sprite, and a constant supply of brown bottles... It was a great Party.. lasting until near midnight. Thanks to Carol Riffey for a super time!!


 The Hostess, Carol (Williams) Riffey


LtoR: busy catching up talking Sally (Foster)Harris,Barb (Langdon) Smith, Nancy (Foster)Singleton (facing) and Peggy Dillon, look closely and you can see Don Horton &Dale Arvin

(LtoR) Bill Joyce, Sally (Foster) Harris, Nancy (Foster) Singleton and Nancy's Husband in background. Also, Bill Copple, Dennis Rude and Larry Kirchner

(LtoR) Betsy's husband Bummy Williams , Peggy & Don and in back I think is Joan (O'Brian) Field, Plus Judy (Grier) Copple and her husband Bill

(LtoR) Gwen (Corn) Morton, Rita (Cox) Metheny, Betsy (Todd) Williams and our classmate who is a Judge, Robert Arthur

Judy (Grier) Copple on right Others I can not identify

Rita (Cox) Metheny, Carolyn (Cooper) Hardy,Gwen (Corn) Morton

First two on left someone please identify 3rd. Steve Day, Carol (Dewey)Ballard, then I think Carol's husband, Joan (O'Brian) Field, Peggy (Dillon) McDuffee, Rita (Cox) Metheny

Bill Joyce and Ron Aronld in plaid shirt

Barb (Langdon) Smith and Rita (Cox) Metheny

Shirley, wife of Larry Jones "Our Class Valedictorian" tallking with Carolyn (Cooper) Hardy

Bill Joyce (facing left), Carol (Williams ) Riffey, Carolyn (Shafer) McCabe and Peggy (Dillon) McDuffee

Three good friends catching up: Janet (Hill) Cline,Sharon (Schaller) Brown, Rita (Cox) Metheny

NOTE: All of the pictures here were taken by my husband Dave Metheny. Some with the digital camera, other were stripped out of the Video. (With assistance from our son David, who has great Video equipment!) Putting together these pages was Dave's doing's. He does the hard work. I do the fun part. Although what he does is fun for him, I am no match for what he can do on a computer. We both enjoyed doing it. What pictures went in, which went where, what captions to add, and most of the comments are mine! We both enjoyed EVERY minute of the Reunion! (Another Note: If anyone has more pictures, and can scan them or want to send them to me or Dave. We will post another page or two with those pictures too!) Thank you all, for sharing with us some memories.
Rita (Cox) Metheny and Dave Metheny

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