Class Picture 2008
Renuion 50 Years, July 5th, 2008(PIX From Joe Sponn)

Reunion - 45 years (2003)
Class Picture 2003
Back Row L to R: Bill Hayes, Bill Copple, Jerry Decker, Jim Robinson, Larry Brochin,
Ron Shafer, Jim Fox, Gene Litwiler, Jerry Brown, Bill Haag
Center Row L to R: Charolette Butcher, Lynn Williams, Thelma Jane Booker, Madonna Seal,
Sue Mattingly, Regina Petty, Janice Baker, Barbara Bassler, Carol Mullis
Bottom Row L to R: Joe Sponn, Ann Copple, Linda Baker,Kay O'Neil, Ruth Ann Baumert,
Mary Margaret Greenwood, Rose Ann Brothers, Linda Bordenet, Judy Mattingly

Reunion - 30 years (1988)

The Two Pictures Below contributed by Jerry Brown.

Reunion - 25 years (1983)

Reunion - 20 years (1978)

Reunion - 15 years ?? (1973 ??)

Now for all the following, we credit (or blame) Joe Sponn. He sent them all to me except the one of me, or Carol Coatney's (which she sent to me). These all appear to be fairly recent. I posted the names below each picture In case we dont know who they are. BUT, I dont think any of us has changed all THAT much!! OR HAVE WE REALLY? (smile).

Ann & Don Strange

Bill Copple

Bill Haag

Barbara (Bassler) Steiner

Coach Hoffman, Bill Hayes, Larry Brochin, Joe Sponn

Dave Metheny - Christmas 2002

Gene and Gena Litwiler

Gary Meade,Thelma Booker Kassler, Charlotte Butcher Meade,Larry Brochin,Bill Hayes

Karen Sponn,Barbara Steiner,Linda Bordenet Farris, Janice Baker Bledsoe

Brenda Smiley Pyle,Kay O'Neill Heffernan,Mary Margaret,Carol Mullis Decker

Jerry Brown

Jim and Melba Fox

Larry Brochin, Jerry and Carol Decker

Bill Hayes and Larry Harris

Madonna (Crash) Seal Jones

Mary Margaret and Jim Robinson

The Browns

Carol Coatney Jagar taken at a Boston concert, backstage with Brad Delp, about 5 years ago

Three Generations: Dave, David and CJ Metheny

Linda, Rose Ann, Madonna

Thanks Joe, Jerry and Carol for the pictures... anyway!