July 5th, 2008 GUEST PICTURES #4

Picture credits this page Madonna (Seal) Jones.

Melba & Jim Fox, Jim Robinson and Gene Litwiler background.

Nancy Hayes and friends.

Jim and Regina (Petty) Alberti

Steve and Linda (Baker) Datin and Sr. Luke.

Charolette (Butcher) Meade, Judy (Mattingly) Ainscough, Jerry Decker, and Ruth Ann (Baumert) Wade

Vernon and Judy (Harriett) Welp

Carol (Mullis) Decker and Rose Ann (Brothers) Sellers

Jerry and Carol (Mullis) Decker

Larry and Joyce Brochin

Richard Pyle and Becky (Wade) Herring

Brenda (Smiley) Pyle, Judy (Harriett) Welp, Richard Pyle, Becky (Wade) Herring

Kay (Templin) Fowler and Madonna (Seal) Jones.

Sr. Luke, Linda (Bordenet) Farris, Carol (Mullis) Decker, Madonna (Seal) Jones, and Kay (Templin) Fowler.

Cathy and Bill Haag, Karen Sponn, Carol (Mullis) Decker and Ann (Copple) Strange.

Linda (Bordenet) and Mike Farris

Brenda (Smiley) Pyle, Madonna (Seal) Jones, Linda (Bordenet) Farris and Mary Lynn (Williams) Bell