July 31, 2021 PICTURES #1

Group Picture 2021

Family Elders: Phyllis, Dave and Mary Ann

Dave and Chicago Cousins: Joyce and Kathy

Johns Children, Cindy, Julie, Steve and Sheila

John's Family Group at the Pavillion

Group of Cousins at Baymont Lobby

Park day before the reuniuon: Sheila, Phyllis and Kathy

Lorrie, Mary Ann and Phyllis at Pavillion

Dave with Sheila and others at Pavillion

Cindy with Sheila's Hubby, Carl Wade

Wineo Group at Batmont Patio

Baymont Patio, Wine and Beer this time

Chuck Stephens with Chicago cousins: Joyce and Kathy

Steve and Sharon with Aunt Peggy Smith

Sheila with Friend Jackie and Kathy on Baymont Patio

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