Getting to Mathenay, France

France Keith and Louise left Australia on their way to follow the migration trail of the Matheny's starting at Mathenay, France. The flight was for 9 and 1/2 hours to Bangkok. Following a 2 hour layover and then on to London for another 13 hours in the air. A 2 hour layover in London, and they were on their way to Paris, France a short 1 1/2 hour flight.. It is a very long way from Australia to Mathenay, France, and I am sure they were quite tired however, Keith tells me that his dear wife, being a real woman could not resist Paris, and went shopping for 5 hours while he caught up on some sleep.



They Drove from Paris to the Burgundy area, and spent a week with friends on a canal boat in the wine area. They then arrived at Mathenay. There, they were met by the owner of the Chateau St Pierre Matheny. - (See picture of Louise and the owner Phillip Moine). He is a Lawyer from Paris and uses the Chateau for his summer home. You will also note in the other photos (below) the old part of the Chateau which dates back 960 AD. Phillip was kind enough to arrange for the Mathenys to stay in the Old Chateau Mathenay. They spent a week there, and enjoyed it very much.

ChateauThe picture to the right is Louise and Phillip Moine, owners of the Chateau. The Chateau was remodeled about 8 years ago and is now modern inside however, the walls are about 3 foot thick and it is cool in the summer time, and once warm it stays warm in the winter, it has a fireplace in every room, and I mean a large fireplace, one that you can walk into.

In the main bedroom over the fireplace, in the stone work is a crest, it has been part of the old place as long as anyone knows, or can remember. It is worn and very hard to make out all of the detail. It could be the Mathenay's or the Vaudrey's, no one knows for sure.

The owner Phillips Moine grows grapes and makes wine, and I'm happy to say I have a case of it in my wine cellar back in Australia. Most of the wines in the area is produced and sold to locals, however, about some 6 or 7 miles away is the town of Arbois. It is famous for the wines of the area of Jura (like a state).

Old Chateau



The picture on the right is the old Mathenay Chateau as it is today. Both the owners, and the Mayor, and villagers are most welcome to have Metheny-Matheny visitors from arou d the world.  




The next two pictures are the old part of the Chateau which dates back 960 AD. These are mostly in ruins, but these pictures were supplied for your historical reference.

Old Ruins
Old Ruins
Old Ruins
More Old Ruins

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