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GENEALOGY - Programs You Might Want

These below listed genealogy software programs are full-featured, but are designed to get beginners started quickly and with a minimum amount of problems, and as a fact are very easy to use.
  1. FAMILY TREE MAKER - Easy to use, yet loaded with features, Family Tree Maker lives up to its name as the #1 selling genealogy software program. It has an intuitive user interface which gets you inputting your family names quickly and the publishing center makes getting your genealogy information published on the Web a snap, even for beginners.


  2. LEGACY FAMILY TREE- Just as powerful as the other genealogy programs on this list, Legacy has one clear advantage - it's available for free download! You can also purchase for a very reasonable price on CD-ROM. Perfect for people who don't want to waste money on a bunch of bundled genealogy data CDs, Legacy 3.0 is a top-notch program for recording and analyzing your genealogy research.


  3. GENERATIONS FAMILY TREE- Setup of this full-featured genealogy program is a breeze with the step-by-step multimedia tutorial and easy-to-read user manual. There are a several Generations versions available, including a DVD version and Liberty Edition, but Grande Suite 8.0 offers the best value for beginning researchers with its amazing collection of data CDs (including the entire 1800 U.S. census).  

  4. FAMILY ORIGINS- Family Origins is one of the easiest to use genealogy software programs currently on the market, while still containing many of the advanced features which more experienced genealogists have come to expect. An intuitive user interface, easy data entry, sixty-one different report options, six family history book layouts and a Family History journal combine to make this program easy, useful and fun!

  5. ANCESTORIAL QUEST- This Windows based genealogy program makes it easy for anyone to do genealogy. Step-by-step tutorials, good source citation capabilities and beautiful yet functional printouts are just some of the features of this powerful program. If you're anxious to get started putting your family tree on the computer then Ancestral Quest will have you up and running in no time.

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